Folklore Museum of Acharavi

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Folklore Museum of Acharavi, Acharavi 49100
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Folklore Museum of Acharavi
In its multifaceted history, Corfu was inhabited by peoples with different cultures, who left their mark on it and formed the special Corfiot tradition. The Italian temperament, the musical element, the customs and traditions, the holidays are part of our cultural heritage and it is our primary duty to preserve and promote it.
Objects, photographs, drawings and texts of Corfu from the last three centuries have been collected and exhibited at the Folklore Museum of Acharavi. Elements of our popular culture that open pages of personal stories and collective experience, to illuminate the thread that unites the then with the now.
Visit us for a true journey through time.

Folklore Museum of Acharavi
During its long history, Corfu has been inhabited by people of various civilizations. The lasting remains of all these different cultures have blended beautifully in the long run and have shaped over the centuries the famous Corfiot tradition and the special identity of our local civilization. The Italian temperament, our folk music, the uses and customs, the feasts and local costumes are all part of this unique cultural heritage and it is the aim of this newly founded institution to preserve and promote it.

Historical mementos, photographs, drawings and historical texts have been meticulously collected and are now exhibited with much love and care in the Folklore Museum of Acharavi, opening a whole universe of personal stories and collective experience to enable us the better to link the past to the present time.These objects reflect the civilization of which they are the fruit and lead us to a trip in time with the scent of the last three centuries of Corfiot history.


The Folklore Museum of Acharavi is located in the north of Corfu in the village of Acharavi. It is 36 km from the city of Corfu. The museum facilities are opposite the archeological site of the Roman Baths of Acharavi on the Main Road.
To reach:
-By bus:
There are 2 intercity bus lines that stop outside the museum, the Corfu-Acharavi line and the Sidari-Acharavi-Kassiopi line.
-By car:
Following the main road from the city of Corfu to the north you reach Acharavi in ​​35-40 minutes, alternatively you can take the coastal road Corfu-Kassiopi and continuing you reach Acharavi in ​​1 hour. The museum has ample parking for buses and cars.

Getting Here
The Folklore Museum is located in Acharavi village, north Corfu. It is located 36 km away from Corfu town. The premises of the museum are located opposite the archaeological site of the Roman Baths in Acharavi on Main street.
To get there:
-By bus:
There are 2 bus lines, stop outside the museum, the line Corfu-Acharavi and Sidari line-Acharavi-Cassiopeia.
-By car:
Following the main road from Corfu town to North part of the island, you arrive in Acharavi at about 35-40 minutes. Alternatively you can take the Corfu-Kassiopi coastal road, and continuing the main Kassiopi – Sidari road, you arrive in Acharavi in ​​about 1 hour. The museum has ample parking for buses and cars.

Opening Hours
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

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