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Viros is a large village in the center of the island, built in verdant areas, about 6 kilometers from the city of Corfu.

Viros is a very old village which is mentioned in written sources from 1497. But, it is even older because in 1420 the surname Virotis was recorded, meaning a person who comes from Viros. In the beginning, the village was situated on top of the hill but, later the residents started building their houses lower and lower, down by the meadows. This is why today Viros consists of many scattered settlements such as Kastania, Bastouni, Soulaiika and Agios Georgios in Viros.

The main church of the village is Panagia Odigitria which is located at the crossroads of the village. On August 23 there, is a big feast there because people celebrate the name-day of the church. Next to the church is also located the tended, traditional building of the cultural Club of Viros, as well as a monument for those who perished during the wars. In Viros, you will also see the house of the great Corfiot painter, Gialinas who was mainly recognized abroad.

In the recent years in Viros a music scene has been organized where, the most famous artists of the Greek music industry have performed. In the region you will also find multiple rooms which you can rent as well as traditional taverns.

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